1What is the list of countries that appears when I start the application for?

Since some of the Alfa Romeo InfoMobile/ Ciao Fiat Mobile/ Everywhere Lancia Mobile/ 24H Abarth Mobile/ I am Jeep Mobile services differ depending on the country in question, you will need to select it the first time you launch it. To change the Country, go to "Information", "Preferences" and "Select a Country”.

2Are the services available both in wifi/3G mode and without connectivity?

No, to function, some of the services require connection (for example “find dealer”), and some of these won’t appear on the home page. Instead, others are always available (for example “your profile”). We advise you to always check the connectivity.

3How do I use the “Xray” service?

As soon as you access the service, the "Help" button in the bottom right-hand corner will provide all the details for best use of Xray.