how it works

how it works

Your profile

Your profile

Personalise the application with your particulars and those of your vehicles.
Once all the data are entered, the application will allow you to handle your personal due dates (driving licence) and those relating to these vehicles.
Due dates

expiry dates

You can enter the due dates for your car (blue emissions check sticker, insurance, warranty, inspection and licence fee) and photograph your documents so that they are always with you.
Finding a dealership

look for a dealership

It searches the closest Alfa Romeo Dealership, changing the search parameters by the wheel on the bottom right side. Look at the list or, as an alternative, the map view to select the Dealership you prefer, a sheet is displayed, for calling, sending an e-mail, adding data to your contacts or directly reaching the address through the function "show the route".
Road tests

test drive

The Motor Villages and Alfa Romeo dealers allow you to book a test drive in the main Alfa Romeo cars on sale. You can book a test drive directly by selecting your preferred Alfa Romeo dealer, followed by the model you want to try and, lastly, by filling in the form with the details required. Remember that you need a driving licence.
Contact us

Contact us

Get in touch with the Customer Service either directly via the Freephone number, or by sending us a request for information via the "Write us" function.
Trova la tua auto

Find your car

Take a photo of your car, write a memo of where you leave it, and record a voice memo as well. Once parked (click the specific key) the distance is accurately displayed. Look for it again with the "Find" function. This will show you where you left it on a map and also show you how to get there.
news and promotions

news and promotions

You can be up to date to all Alfa Romeo news. With this feature you can get access to:
  • News: news are collected straight from Fiat SPA brands' websites.
  • Youtube: it's possibile to watch directly the videos on our Fiat SPA brands' Youtube channels
  • Promotions: it's possible to view the promotions of our Fiat SPA brands.
X ray


You can see the body, the engine, the suspension or the three assemblies altogether of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and MiTo with an X-ray lens.


This traffic information service elaborated for Alfa by Infoblu .
It illustrates the traffic flows along the ring roads of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Graphic data showing the name of the motorway and/or the respective urban area, the highway section, and the direction and state of the traffic in colours that pass from green to black in function of gradual worsening to a crawl and a standstill are updated every three minutes. Grey is used for stretches that cannot be monitored. Events occurring on all the Italian motorways are also expressed in the driving direction.
On the road assistance

roadside assistance

This service is provided in partnership with the most important roadside assistance in Europe. Help in the event of a breakdown or an accident can be called for by phone or by sending your data. All you need to do is to register your vehicle and your own data in the profile. Your position will then be located automatically. Its confirmation or entry of another will be followed by immediate transmission of the call for help, an sms for confirmation, and immediate recontact for assistance.
Use and maintenance manual

owner handbook

It contains an summary version of the Giulietta and Mito Owner Handbook.
Motor Village

Motor Village

This allows you to view the latest news and details on all Motor Village events. Through geolocation, you can find Motor Villages close to you, view the photo galleries and take part in chosen events.


This service lets you find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Customers.


It allows you to view multimedia Alfa Romeo content in Augmented Reality, by framing the full-page advert with the AR+ symbol using your smartphone's camera.


"Warranty and Maintenance" is the section dedicated to the Servicing plans, to Warranty and Roadside Assistance extension. The main services to take care of your vehicle to travel in full confidence are described in this section.